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The new voting at the SNA: Now you have the power

08. December 2017

For the eighth time, the Swiss Nightlife Award will be presented on January 30, 2018. Only the best of the Swiss nightlife will be celebrated and awarded. But this time, something is profoundly different: you have the absolute power to decide who wins!


On 4 December 2010 the first Swiss Nightlife Award took place. Since then, our nightlife has changed dramatically: some clubs opened their doors for us, some had to close down. Our favourite tunes from years ago are now played at oldies parties. Newcomer DJs are now celebrated as pioneers. For the past eight years, the best have been chosen and for the past eight years, the audience and the Academy have chosen who gets to take home the golden owl. But this year it all changes: the public now has the complete power to vote. After determening the Top 20, the Academy has no influence on the winners.



This means: you decide! Vote for your favorites until the 31st of december 2017, and tell your friends about it too!