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New highlights at the Swiss Nightlife Award

15. December 2017

We are happy to welcome some new faces among the nominees. We in Switzerland can consider ourselves lucky to have such a vast variety of events, locations and DJ’s. Here we’ve selceted some of our newcomers to introduce to you.


Best Event Series  

With the event-series Erika the Pinata and Wundertüte, Zurich is sending two bangers into the race for the owl.

Erika The Pinata - an event that stands out at festivals or on its own because of the crazy decorations and itt ability to always create a magical world for the party guests.

Anyone who’s not a homebody and spends his Sundays on the couch knows the Wundertüte. With unusual decoration, the visitors are welcomed in the Hive to experience an adventure. The Wundertüte is the perfect party after a brunch.  

Best Event

The festival les Belles de Nuit opens the doors to those partypeople who have suffered for years and offer a place where you can be, however you are. Aiming to appeal to women and minorities in the electronic music and cultural scene, the les Belles de Nuit festival can be proud to be one step ahead in swiss nightlife.

The next party  is not only set in Zurich but also in Veve. With a mixture of an indescribable setting and a sophisticated hotel ambiance, Démodé is an event you don’t want to miss out on! Only the finest house, disco and indie dance will are played throughout the evening.

Best big event

A big event that attracts people from near and far is the Raumklang sound. With an exquisite and international line-up for Goa and Sidetrance, its beautiful music thrills ist visitors every time.

If you love the snow and celebrating, you should not miss this event: The Afterseason Festival in the heart of the Waadter Mountains brings out the joy for life before the summer season and basically acts as a farewell to winter. The electro fans celebrate at 1700 meters above sea level.    

Best Electronica DJ

What makes the music scene enjoyable is when we have a variety of everything, also talented female DJs. Ajele, Honoree, Playlove and other international stars like Sonja Moonear and Eli Verveine bring to us the real vibe.  

Best Locations

If you are in Zurich, you dan’t go wrong by visiting the Kanonengasse Bar. With a menu full of cocktails and their own shot "Fireball", the start of a successful evening is guaranteed. French Switzerland should never be underestimated. With the Folklor in Lausanne and the Audio Club in Geneva, two great clubs are nominated, which leave nothing to be desired with amazing line-ups.  

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