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09. February 2017

The 7th Swiss Nightlife Awards are around the corner. We are already wondering who will go home with a golden owl. After the Award Show there will be an afterparty at the Komplex 457 Club, where winners and invited guests can party until the middle of the night. The Spanish Trio «Yall» and «Ofenbach» from Paris, plus local hero DJ Muri are behind the turntables and will make sure to get the party started.



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In 2008 two designers Albert Pedrero and David A. Turover teamed up with DJs and producers Joan Sala and David Borras to create advertising projects together. World companies such as Adidas, Ray Ban and Mercedes Benz quickly became aware of the quartet and since then they have gotten many jobs. At the same time Borras left the quartet, and Desigual offered Yall a huge campaign. Their hit «Hundred Miles» was part of it and entered the charts all over Europe pretty quickly. Yall decided to release the song officially and internationally. A total hype followed.


The electronic music duo Dorian and César aka «Ofenbach» from Paris started producing their own music ten years ago. They achieved their breakthrough with their single «Be Mine», which was released at the end of 2016 and has already reached over 1,3 million YouTube clicks. The track has great potential to become the new summer hit of 2017. We are curious what the future has in store for them.


Do you want to be a part of the afterparty? Celebrate with the winners? Here is your chance: Win tickets for you and a friend. The party takes place on 21st February at the Komplex 457 Klub at 9.30 pm. (18 years and up)