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The hunt for the owls has begun

01. December 2017

On the 30th of January the Swiss Nightlife Award will be awarded for the eighth time now, and you get to decide, who deserves to win! Starting today you can partake in chosing the location, the act and the event that should try and catch the owl in the MAAG Halle – let the voting begin!


They have provided you with the most unforgettable nights – now it’s time for you to give your thanks. Until mid november you were able to vote in twelve different categories, chosing your favorite events, DJ’s and locations that were nominated in swiss nightlife. From those nominated, the Academy chose their Top 20. But who apart from you can decide, where the «Place to be» is, which party you don’t want to miss for the world and who really succeeds in getting the crowd hyped? Nobody! You have until the end of the year to vote for who you think deserves to win the golden owl on the 30th of January! Get your «partner in crime» involved in the decision aswell, because this year it all changes: The academy has no influence on who gets to win. This means it’s all on you! Every vote counts, don’t miss any time and submit your vote!